Anderson's Hitch 'n Post Ranch has been one of Manitoba's leading venues since 1984. Ed "T-Bone" Anderson and Arlene Kaiser started what was once called the Hitch 'n Post Country BBQ when they saw the demand for an event space with home style barbequed food. With a love of preserving history, they adorned the venue walls with prized antiques and vintage memorabilia that are still enjoyed to this day. 

Following Ed's retirement in 2002, the Hitch 'n Post was passed down to his son Kyle Anderson who had no problem taking over the reins having grown up in the hospitality industry. Together with his wife Louise (whom he met at the Hitch 'n Post that very same year, fun fact) they hold a genuine love for the work they do and are proud to carry on the family business. The Hitch 'n Post has seen 35 years of weddings, events, visits from two different Canadian prime ministers and countless entertainers.  

In 2011 the Hitch 'n Post got a name change after a meeting with the one and only Gene Simmons from Kiss. Kyle and Louise were advised by the business and entertainment mogul that they have a strong last name and should consider changing the Hitch 'n Post Country BBQ to Anderson's Hitch 'n Post Ranch. Naturally it did not take long for them to run with this advice and a rebrand was in order. 

Kyle and Louise love being a part of an ever changing industry while still believing strongly in traditional values that people should be able to relax & have fun also no one should ever leave their establishment hungry.

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Kyle & Louise Anderson Hitch 'n Post